A Catholic Science Fiction 
    ...Emphasizes Catholic culture and worship 
    ...Is a parable to clarify Catholic and Marion adoration 
   ...Dystopian theme with optimistic Catholic Conclusion 
   ...M. Lennon Perricone is a practicing Catholic  
On a cursory expedition through the Acliptes Wormhole, the Vlidican Coalition, one of two superpowers nearing armed conflict, discovered the enigmatic world Phendrom Solaxium, where a great but recently-extinct civilization flourished. Chosen for the more detailed return mission is Zase Fasoon, a young ambitious and ideological Anthro-archeologist. Zase, to his delight, is assigned to study a nearly intact structure whose function is a mystery. It’s during his analysis and evaluation of that edifice that Zase is visited by an ethereal presence that warns him of sinister events. Zase soon suspects the mission to Phendrom Solaxium may have an ominous ulterior motive. It’s then that covert forces move against him to discredit him and silence him forever, as the two superpowers ready for their inevitable conflict. 
The author of forty plays many of which are Catholic Centric and ten novels, two-time Tennessee Williams literary festival finalist M. Lennon Perricone has received five consecutive Perry Award nominations for his works. Other accolades include, being a finalist in Northern Kentucky University’s Yes Festival and a semi-finalist in the Northern Michigan University playwriting competition. In 2012 “He’s also had several full productions including one to sellout crowds in New York. After that accomplishment M. Lennon Perricone turned his focus back on his novels and fulfilling his promise to our lord, he penned the Temple of Traeh Dercas a Catholic science fiction novel. Born in Brooklyn, New York Mike, a chronic truant, was placed in Lincoln Hall, a Catholic reformatory where under the guidance of the Christian Brothers he excelled, and upon leaving, began writing. He and his wife live quietly in the Diocese of Metuchen.

  6x9 Trade Paperback
  Kindle eBook 265 print pages 163 digital pages