The violent and protracted conflict with the Celadon Collective Empire has ended in a great victory, bringing with it half a million years of human peace, prosperity and culture across the enormity of the universe.

To maintain this long-established peace known as the Pax Humana; two vast human empires have been established. The Dardis Imperial Republic is ruled by the sons of the Chalafonte family and in the Sovereign Republic of Tendus; the daughters of the Fortinbras family reign.

When the Priam of the Dardis Imperial Republic unexplainably allows an illegal and dangerous colony to exist unopposed, a crisis ensues—threatening the great human peace.

After a violent assassination, all negotiations stall and as the two empires move closer and closer to a confrontation. Arcturus, the heir apparent of the Imperial throne, desperately tries to convince his father to avoid breaking the peace at all costs. His efforts fail, and an unavoidable war erupts shattering the Pax Humana.
It’s then the results of an insidious plot by remnants of the Celadon Empire are discovered and the young prince is thrown into a position of authority.  He must now confront his true heredity and his destiny. Will Arcturus be able save the universe from prolonged destruction and restore peace or will secrets regarding his true self destroy him and universal human peace forever?
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