eno cirrep
M. Lennon Perricone's
After her double mastectomy and suffering with terrible doubts about whom she is and the value of her work. Nadine Carlton, one of the world’s greatest living artists has isolated herself from humanity.

One night when she momentarily leaves her cocoon, she encounters Billy Windship a homeless young man with a once celebrated past.

Feeling pity for him she invites the young stranger into her insolated world. 

Soon both Billy and Nadine realize they are in desperate need of one another and shut themselves off from the rest of the world, and as they do, a story unfolds revealing compassion, commitment, fear and anger that reach a crescendo of raw human emotion and tenderness.
A Swirling Voilet Haze
A finalist in the 2006 Northern Kentucky University Yes Festival.
eno cirrep